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MCAs are not loans; they provide capital by allowing you to sell a portion the company’s future credit and debit card sales, in exchange for a discounted purchase price, paid up-front.

A Consolidation Program is typically used for restructuring debt, buying out prior cash advances to get a better rate, adding capital to current funding programs, or to decrease daily/monthly payments.

A line of credit gives you capital to draw upon as you need it to meet a variety of business needs; these can include more working capital, inventory, seasonal cash flows, and/or pay off other debt.

Franklin Merchant Capital

Our goal is to deliver businesses working capital at the best possible terms, without the complexities of the bank loan. Through our Consolidation Programs, Merchant Cash Advance Program, and Business Lines of Credit, we keep your business buoyant. The program that is best for you depends on many factors, and we have Loan Specialists available six days a week to consult and assist you with every step of the process. Contact Us to Learn More

Industries We Serve

At Franklin Merchant Capital our goal is to provide you with working resources to ensure that your business has the working capital cash-flow to stay competitive. Perhaps you need to re-stock before a client job is done, ot you need to install new equipment and/or technology to provide better service. With our special funding options you’ll have the cash to do thta, and also to meet payroll and tax obligations, and handle other unanticipated business expenditures. You can apply for $5,000 to $500,000 in as few as 5 business days! Contact us by mail or call us to see if our auto repair funding is right for you. Or click here for more information.
The construction businesses is cash intensive. It requires work to be performed often prior to payment from their clients. Many construction companies have folded due to this cash crisis. To maintain consistant operations and have the cash to meet obligations, Franklin Merchant Capital offers several funding solutions. Talk to one of our lending specialists today to explore the options. Whether its receivable funding, bridge loans or business lines of credit, at Franklin Merchant Capital we’re here to help you access the funds you need to keep your business running. Contact us today to find out how Franklin Merchant Capital can expedite the funding process. Or to read more about our programs – click here. .
We understand that you know your business better than anyone. We get it. That’s why Franklin Merchant Capital concentrates on providing capital quickly so you can concentrate on running your store your way, without getting bogged down into the minutia of traditional paperwork. The U.S. alcohol, wine and beer sector is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the next couple of years, and we wish to assist you in making that occur. Liquor store owners turn to Franklin Merchant Capital to level cash-flow when the company is in a slow-moving period or to cover C.O.D. orders before the holiday. If you’re searching for working capital for your store, we can help. We offer stress-free funding options in as little as 5 days. Whether you require a quick capital infusion of $5,000 to buy inventory or $500,000 to broaden your business, we provide choices that fit your one-of-a-kind capital needs. Our merchant cash advance will permit you to gain access to working capital for your liquor store’s unique requirements, including but not limited to getting inventory before peak seasons; covering payroll, taxes or advertising; dealing with unanticipated business costs; and broadening your establishment. Contact us today via email, or call, to talk with a specialist that understands your industry. Or click here to read more about Merchant Cash Advances.
Running a successful dining establishment can be a very satisfying yet difficult job. Our goal at Franklin Merchant Capital is to provide you with easy access to funding so that you can focus on what you do finest — growing your restaurant. Our merchant cash advance program gives you the flexibility to attend to the unique requirements of your restaurant, including but not limited to: Expanding or remodeling your dining establishment to bring in more customers; acquiring new kitchen equipment or a POS system to improve efficiency; marketing to attract even more customers and/or promote unique occasions; and/or increasing your cash flow to help with overhead. Contact us today via email, or call, to talk with a specialist that understands your industry. Or click here to read more about Merchant Cash Advances.
As a retail owner, you know you are competing with countless merchants all fighting for the same customer base. At Franklin Merchant Capital we’re here to assist your retail business take advantage of favorable trends and developments in an ever-changing marketplace, and get easy access to cash funds within 5 days! We’ll provide you with easy access to funding so you can concentrate on your consumers and growing your retail store. Our merchant cash advance offers you the versatility to address your distinct company requirements — such as stocking up for seasonal spikes in business volume; enhancing your marketing strategy to draw in more customers; improving your access to working capital to cover payroll or unanticipated costs; and/or remodeling or expanding your retail business. Unlike a standard retail loan from a bank, we eliminate the mountains of documents or long drawn-out waiting periods. Contact us today via email, or call, to talk with a specialist that understands your industry. Or click here to read more about Merchant Cash Advances.
Our objective at Franklin Merchant Capital is to assist your trucking business to grow and maintain cash-flow. Qualified trucking companies can potentially access funds up to $500,000 in cash advances in days. Use the funds to attend to pressing business needs, such as payroll, acquisitions, subcontractors, equipment repair and maintenance, fuel & tolls, taxes and licensing fees. one of our products highly-used for the trucking industry is recievable financing (also referred to as factoring) that allow you to borrow a majority of your outstanding accounts receivables. Quick and efficient, our program by-passes much of the paperwork involved in developing bank funding. Click here to email us or call to get started,  or get more information here.


  • I would recommend FMC to any business owner. They helped me triple my yearly sales.

    Dillon Jennings
  • Franklin Merchant Capital help me consolidate my advances. They saved my business from a cash flow perspective. They explained all my options and delivered a perfect solution to my problem.

    Sam Davis Jr.
  • I have been working with FMC for 9 months and they consult their business with the up most professionalism and their rates were the lowest in the industry.

    Steve Horowitz
  • Franklin Merchant helped me expand my trucking business. They offered me long terms options that allowed me to take my business to the next level.

    Frank Bolenger

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