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Merchant Cash Advance – What is it and its Benefits?


Merchant cash advance might be right for you if you have a volume of credit cards purchases. FMC also offers other solutions, such as receivable funding, bridge loans or business lines of credit.

It’s important to choose the right financing when you are starting or seeking to expand your business. Franklin Merchant Capital’s goal is to finance businesses at the best possible terms — without bank loan complexes — through Consolidation Programs and/or Business Lines of Credit.

Merchant Cash Advance

This method allows you to sell the company’s future credit and debit card sales in exchange for a discounted purchase price.

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

  • It’s faster and easier to get a Merchant Cash Advance than a traditional loan.
  • It has no set maturity date so small business financing tends to be convenient for most firms, thereby making your business more flexible financially.
  • You don’t need to write any checks because the remittances are automatic.
  • Cash flow financing for small business is friendly.
  • Small business financing can qualify without a history of stellar credits.

Ways of using the money from a Merchant Cash Advance

  • Cash flow financing for small businesses is used in regular operations such as paying employees and training.
  • Used in business assets such as equipment and vehicles.
  • Used in cost management such as renovations.

Businesses who qualify for merchant cash advances are small,  medium-sized, or large that have been in business for at least one year, haven’t filed for bankruptcy and have no large tax liens. When you apply to Franklin Merchant Capital the application process is quick and simple. When you complete and submit the application one of our professionals will be in touch with you to review and discuss what your business needs most, and provide you with the best business cash solution. Approvals can be accomplished within days.

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