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Facts about Small Business Loans


There are many facts about small business loans that business owners are not aware of. And, most private companies will all need to access a business loan at some stage of their evolution. It could be to ignite growth and finance a marketing campaign, stock up on inventory, and/or maintain a stable cash flow during growth spurts. This can also include the ebb and tide of seasonal sales. The following are things you really want to be familiar with in terms of small business loan facts.

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How to Get a Business Line of Credit for my Small Business?


If you are a business owner, odds are that you have, or will, face that moment when you will struggle to pay bills and salaries to employees. Lack of operating capital can result from a slow-paying client, bad debt, seasonal pike upward, or a downturn. Nonetheless, when you’re out of capital, you’re out of business. Because as the old adage goes, in business, cash is king!

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5 Tips to Small Business Funding

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Money for small business

Many early-stage and sustaining businesses find themselves running into cash flow problems for a host of reasons throughout the company’s evolution. Perhaps they grew at a faster pace than their profits could support; perhaps they needed to invest in equipment or hire new staff to service their growing customer base. Whatever the cause is, solving that issue is not just about securing cash flow financing, but securing the right type of financing. There is a strategy to assess your cash flow borrowing needs.


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Steps for Choosing the Right Financing for Your Business


Access to financing and loan facilities is critical to the ongoing success of any growing business. Whether you need to hire new staff, expand to a new territory, or buy new raw materials, advance funding will be likely required. So choosing the right financing for your business matters.

Choosing the right financing for your business can be a daunting task. It is complex and time-consuming. Small businesses have a mountain of choices. This is due to the increase in the number of lending tools in recent years that become available. But there are loan specialists that with no upfront fees can source the right fit for your business. 


Merchant Cash Advance – What is it and its Benefits?


Merchant cash advance might be right for you if you have a volume of credit cards purchases. FMC also offers other solutions, such as receivable funding, bridge loans or business lines of credit.

It’s important to choose the right financing when you are starting or seeking to expand your business. Franklin Merchant Capital’s goal is to finance businesses at the best possible terms — without bank loan complexes — through Consolidation Programs and/or Business Lines of Credit.

Merchant Cash Advance

This method allows you to sell the company’s future credit and debit card sales in exchange for a discounted purchase price.

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

  • It’s faster and easier to get a Merchant Cash Advance than a traditional loan.
  • It has no set maturity date so small business financing tends to be convenient for most firms, thereby making your business more flexible financially.
  • You don’t need to write any checks because the remittances are automatic.
  • Cash flow financing for small business is friendly.
  • Small business financing can qualify without a history of stellar credits.

Ways of using the money from a Merchant Cash Advance

  • Cash flow financing for small businesses is used in regular operations such as paying employees and training.
  • Used in business assets such as equipment and vehicles.
  • Used in cost management such as renovations.

Businesses who qualify for merchant cash advances are small,  medium-sized, or large that have been in business for at least one year, haven’t filed for bankruptcy and have no large tax liens. When you apply to Franklin Merchant Capital the application process is quick and simple. When you complete and submit the application one of our professionals will be in touch with you to review and discuss what your business needs most, and provide you with the best business cash solution. Approvals can be accomplished within days.

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