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Financing Options for Small Business

Yes, there are many options, but we have specialists to find the right fit for your business


It’s almost inevitable for a small business startup or an existing business to need cash flow or growth capital. Financing for a small business, especially when experiencing a cash crunch, should be sought before it’s needed.

Financing options for small business can sometimes be difficult, as most traditional lending specialists are skeptical due to their unpredictability and questions regarding their ROI capabilities. Here are some considerations.

Using equipment leases for procuring business equipment: Contacting a small business financing service provider who can link you up with an equipment lease, is always a cost-effective idea. Did you know you can use merchant cash advances to secure equipment or expand inventory?

Using opportunity money: There is a massive availability of online lenders offering opportunity money or working capital. This is a good way to start your search for credible small business financing options. and compare them to ours. You can use the opportunity money for your advertisement operations or for buying bulk inventory.

By considering traditional options such as credit cards and bank lenders, coupled with the fluctuations in the credit approval rates offered by small and large banks, you’ll make a more informed decision. You can also compare these traditional sources with online lending marketplaces by evaluating their pros and cons before choosing the right small business financing option.

Consider all the available options such as business credit card, commercial bank loans, a line of credit and merchant cash advance before selecting the right one. For instance, if you have a huge cash deficit and stellar credit then a traditional bank loan maybe the way to go, all alternatively, a business line of credit with Franklin Merchant Capital.

Even after securing your initial cash flow funding for small business and you’re up and running,  you should stay updated about the financing market trends.

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